Merry Christmas Merry Christmas

I wish you a very exited and beautiful Christmas. I'm taking a few days off starting from today and will be back next week. Looking fo...

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5:01 AM

Christmas in the country Christmas in the country

images from Vogue Australia.

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6:56 AM

Mini Christmas trees Mini Christmas trees

Simplicity is sometimes all you need when is combined with imagination. Especially in small spaces. Images from Country Living .

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8:36 AM

More outtakes More outtakes

More outtakes from our current issue: this time, the house on Great Barrier Island designed by Paul Clarke of Crosson Clarke Carnachan Archi...

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6:39 PM

TV3's Sunrise focuses on architecture TV3's Sunrise focuses on architecture

TV3's Sunrise has recently been featuring a series of great homes that have previously been seen in HOME New Zealand. We see it as anoth...

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5:21 PM

Outtakes Outtakes

A lot of people are very interested in the house by Amanda Yates that features on our cover. The beauty of this blog is that it allows us th...

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4:34 PM

We're back We're back

We end this long and embarrassing silence (blogging seems so easy to start with then suddenly, it becomes difficult to think of things to sa...

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4:10 PM

American Traditional American Traditional

Interiors by William Hodgings featured in House Beautiful January 2008 issue.

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6:14 AM

Can Craftsmanship survive the 21st Century in America? Can Craftsmanship survive the 21st Century in America?

A friend of mine recently returned from Europe proclaiming that she saw the most beautiful Architecture there. When I asked her which build...

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1:26 PM

Happy Thanksgiving! Happy Thanksgiving!

"Joy, comfort and beauty is what makes a home" I wish you have these three key ingredients at your table tonight. Happy Thanksgiv...

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8:53 AM

the book goes to... the book goes to...

Congratulations to Sarah Klassen from Sarah Klassen/Haute Design. Sarah I'm sure you'll have fun and get a lot of ideas from readi...

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7:54 AM

Lovely bathroom Lovely bathroom

I love the tent looking curtains framing the French doors. I also love the warming effect the wood and fabric bring to this bathroom. P.S....

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5:43 AM

A Designer's Guide to Making Money - the abridged vesion A Designer's Guide to Making Money - the abridged vesion

It goes without saying that when you work in Design, you meet a lot of really talented and creative people. Unfortunately, very few of thes...

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10:57 AM

A book giveaway contest A book giveaway contest

We all know who Elaine Griffin is, unless you've been living under the rocks, her incredible interiors have been featured in many Inte...

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5:20 AM

Displaying collentions Displaying collentions

Bookcases are great platforms to display our beloved collections. From old recipes books to beautiful Beach accents. from top to bottom sec...

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6:00 AM

The magic world of Hermes The magic world of Hermes

Once in a while I love to go into Hermes website to get carried away by its one of a kind magical world.

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4:47 AM

A house full of personality A house full of personality

My favorite rooms in this house are the bathroom and breakfast area, although I wouldn't mind living in all of the others as well. image...

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5:34 AM

Who Killed Modern Architecture? Who Killed Modern Architecture?

While I would like to believe that there are Modernists a plenty out there, all the evidence unfortunately speaks to the contrary. The lates...

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9:30 AM

Happy weekend Happy weekend

I hope you can find sometime set-aside for yourself this weekend.

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6:12 AM

Fireplace in the bathroom Fireplace in the bathroom

I'm a follower of bathrooms with a fireplace. If my bathroom were big enough I would definitely install a fireplace to look at the soot...

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5:47 AM

Why all the fuss about e-readers?? Why all the fuss about e-readers??

Architects LOVE books. I have talked about this before. In fact, pretty much every creative I know loves books. As an admitted bibliophil...

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7:47 AM

Furniture in the bedroom Furniture in the bedroom

images from top Alberto Pinto, Kelly Wearstler and Barry Dixon.

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5:10 AM

The origin of the Decorator The origin of the Decorator

Did you know that, according to Interior design & decoration 6th ed., in Renaissance France (c.1500-1610) the profession of the Decorato...

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5:16 AM

Le Palais rhoul Le Palais rhoul

Dreaming of being in Hotel Le Palais rhoul in Marrakesh.

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6:38 AM