Beijing's 798 art district Beijing's 798 art district

One of the best things to see in Beijing is the city's 798 art district, a fantastic area of old factories and warehouses now occupied b...

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5:48 PM

Our new cover Our new cover

Our new cover (our April/May issue is our annual renovations special) features a photograph by Paul McCredie of a renovation designed by Max...

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8:33 PM

Outtakes - Martin Poppelwell Outtakes - Martin Poppelwell

Artist Martin Poppelwell's Napier studio was designed by Wellington-based architect Ashley Cox, and features in our current issue. These...

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1:00 PM

Behind the scenes - Art feature photo shoot Behind the scenes - Art feature photo shoot

Here's a behind-the-scenes view of our art photo shoot. You can see the final shoot in our new issue out on April 4. The idea of this sh...

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1:00 PM

The Genius of Louis Sullivan The Genius of Louis Sullivan

It is widely accepted that the origin of modern architecture can be found in the mid nineteenth century with the construction of the Crystal...

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6:24 PM

Beijing's Summer Palace Beijing's Summer Palace

Welcome to Beijing's Summer Palace, which I (it's Jeremy here) visited a few weeks ago. It was not at all summery, but it was very ...

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6:22 PM

We like: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed We like: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed

Our copy of 'CCCP: Cosmic Communist Constructions Photographed' just arrived from Amazon, and we're agog . Photographer Frederi...

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3:49 PM

We like: Selby We like: Selby

One of our favourite houses in our February/March issue is Selby, the 1973 gem just outside Havelock North designed by Miles Warren. It'...

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4:03 PM

Christchurch damage Christchurch damage

Our friends at the blog Christchurch Modern are compiling a list of classic Warren & Mahoney buildings that have been damaged in the ea...

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3:13 PM

Obamao in Beijing Obamao in Beijing

Some tourist tat from Beijing: 'Obamao' T-shirts were doing a brisk trade, but our favourite item from this line was the mouse pad b...

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3:09 PM

Beijing's Forbidden City Beijing's Forbidden City

Those of you who detest other people's holiday snaps, turn away! Because I'm about to inflict another Beijing experience on you. Thi...

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4:34 PM