happy sunny summer weekend happy sunny summer weekend

Let's get together at this refreshing outdoor space sometime over the weekend.

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5:50 AM

Love this room Love this room

I covet this kitchen.

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5:47 AM

To Buy or to Build?  The truth about the REAL cost of a home To Buy or to Build? The truth about the REAL cost of a home

For years I worked in Architecture firms designing things for other people. Eventually you become numb to the fact that a $1.19 duplex rece...

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8:19 PM

Beautiful small Spaces Beautiful small Spaces

These two rooms have great elements that make small spaces look chic, beautiful and bigger as well. In the top room, by making an opening i...

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5:13 AM

Dream Plan Analyze Execute your best life. Enjoy your weekend.

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8:08 AM

Modern Glamour Modern Glamour
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8:45 AM

Our Home of the Year finalists Our Home of the Year finalists

Sorry about the silence, everyone. We've been flat out preparing our 2009 Home of the Year issue. Which brings us to the point of today&...

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9:30 PM

Even a Garbage Can Wants to Be Something Even a Garbage Can Wants to Be Something

As you may have suspected, my wife and I are partial to supporting companies that produce well designed items. As my wife has officially ent...

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7:39 PM

Shared Rooms Shared Rooms

What a great way of making better use of narrow or awkward spaces. Notice in the bottom picture how the ceiling was customized to frame th...

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5:30 AM

Hand in hand Hand in hand

The Way I live and the way I feel go hand in hand. Surround yourself with beautiful things and your daily missteps will be more bearable. m...

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5:52 AM

A pause for Julius Shulman A pause for Julius Shulman

If you have never heard of Julius Shulman , you have likely seen at least one of his photographs in your lifetime. His most famous shot feat...

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8:27 PM

Vintage Bathing Suits Vintage Bathing Suits

Love this for a summer home. Susan also has a very interesting blog here .

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4:59 AM

Why Design Matters - Part II Why Design Matters - Part II

As I write this, I am reminded of something I saw on EBAY this morning. A 1992 Ferrari F40 was selling for $619,000 with many models above $...

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9:50 AM

Vicente Wolf's Home Vicente Wolf's Home

A beautiful and refined eclectic home.

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4:45 AM

Why Design Matters - Part I Why Design Matters - Part I

I don't know how many people have gotten tired about hearing about the crisis in the housing market, but I certainly have. The destructi...

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6:58 AM

Beautiful Living Room Beautiful Living Room
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5:57 AM

My styling work My styling work

Lerebours Antiques just opened a gorgeous flagship store on 60th St on the Upper East Side of Manhattan. It carries top of the line unique...

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5:25 AM

Design and Architecture Design and Architecture

As I mentioned in my last post, anything can be designed. In my opinion, the words Design and Architecture mean the same thing. It has been...

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9:53 AM

Intro to Life and Architecture Intro to Life and Architecture

The term 'Architecture' has alot of different meanings today. Most people would say that it relates to the design of buildings. Al...

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2:02 PM

My work in progress My work in progress

Good Morning, I hope you had a wonderful 4th of July weekend. As I promised last week I have some photos of my current project in the upper...

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3:40 AM

Shopping for my client Shopping for my client

This weekend will be a weekend for hunting for interesting pieces for my current project . If things go according to plan (no unexpected sur...

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4:58 AM

Les Indiennes new Indigo ikat Les Indiennes new Indigo ikat

Les Indiennes ikat fabrics "are sturdy enough to upholster furniture, but also delicate enough to comfortably cover pillows" Love...

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5:02 AM