Get The Look Get The Look

Last week, to celebrate our wedding anniversary, my hubby, our precious little bundle of joy and I dined at Indochine , one of my favorit...

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8:11 PM

Kitchen Kitchen

Is a humongous Kitchen really needed or is it just one more futility of our society? I have always wondered why some people are so obsessed ...

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5:41 AM

Edward Barber's judging duties Edward Barber's judging duties

We're really excited that this year's Design Awards jury will include an international judge, Edward Barber, of the London design fi...

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3:10 PM

Entries to our Design Awards closed last night - we received over 80 of them, which is a pleasing response. Last year's winner, Guy Hohm...

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2:56 PM

Veronica Webb at home Veronica Webb at home

Veronica Webb's house in Florida is a perfect representation of Moorish architecture. Only that this house is surrounded by Florida p...

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8:03 PM

Designing from the inside out Designing from the inside out

The Arrowtown architect Max Wild, who designed a home that was a finalist in our Home of the Year award in 2007, has another home in our upc...

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4:41 PM

Lots of people have been asking us about Anton Parsons, the artist whose sculpture, 'Numbers', features on our current cover, on the...

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7:23 PM

One of the nice things about focusing on 'Art Houses' in our current issue is that it gave us a good excuse to photograph the Auckla...

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12:41 PM

Here's a little tease of something that's coming up in our April/May issue (out in the first week of April). It's a home we'...

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2:27 PM

The latest issue of San Francisco-based Dwell magazine is a focus on Australian and New Zealand homes, with the coverline "Why are the...

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1:50 PM

Art collectors Jim and Mary Barr have conducted a quick compare-and-contrast of the artworks in two of the homes in our latest issue: that o...

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1:11 PM

Here's our latest cover, featuring a house in the Waikato by Lance and Nicky Herbst of Herbst Architects. We agonise over many of our co...

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12:59 PM