Who Killed Modern Architecture? Who Killed Modern Architecture?

While I would like to believe that there are Modernists a plenty out there, all the evidence unfortunately speaks to the contrary. The lates...

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9:30 AM

Happy weekend Happy weekend

I hope you can find sometime set-aside for yourself this weekend.

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6:12 AM

Fireplace in the bathroom Fireplace in the bathroom

I'm a follower of bathrooms with a fireplace. If my bathroom were big enough I would definitely install a fireplace to look at the soot...

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5:47 AM

Why all the fuss about e-readers?? Why all the fuss about e-readers??

Architects LOVE books. I have talked about this before. In fact, pretty much every creative I know loves books. As an admitted bibliophil...

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7:47 AM

Furniture in the bedroom Furniture in the bedroom

images from top Alberto Pinto, Kelly Wearstler and Barry Dixon.

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5:10 AM

The origin of the Decorator The origin of the Decorator

Did you know that, according to Interior design & decoration 6th ed., in Renaissance France (c.1500-1610) the profession of the Decorato...

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5:16 AM

Le Palais rhoul Le Palais rhoul

Dreaming of being in Hotel Le Palais rhoul in Marrakesh.

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6:38 AM

The villa The villa

A little self-promotion here, but those of you who are interested in architecture may also be interested in the book Villa, which I worked o...

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4:06 PM

Outtakes Outtakes

It's outtakes time again - this time we've selected extra shots of the house designed by Ken Crosson and Carolyn Gundy of Crosson Cl...

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3:44 PM

An unconventional beach house An unconventional beach house

Kelly Wearstler did it again. This time in a non-predictable beach house she designed for her family. "Ain't no boats sailing in ...

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7:04 AM

What is a "Traditional" Home? What is a "Traditional" Home?

Have you ever seen the show "House Hunters" on HGTV ? It is definitely one of my favorites. I love to see which houses people are...

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2:38 PM

Have a warm weekend Have a warm weekend

Sorry for the lack of posts. I've been busy planning another project. I'll share the details with you later. I love the calmness ...

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6:35 AM

A beautiful weekend A beautiful weekend

I believe that what we look at on a day to day basis can affect our mood and health. Let's look at beautiful stuff. Julia Yenicag Paul...

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5:14 AM

Thursdays at L'affare Thursdays at L'affare

A reminder to all you Wellingtonians that the eminent architect and raconteur Roger Walker will be giving a talk tomorrow night (Thursday Oc...

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5:40 PM

Our new cover Our new cover

Here's our latest cover, shot by Patrick Reynolds at his own house (a villa extension designed by Malcolm Walker) using his daughters, R...

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5:33 PM

Happy birthday Cutiepie Happy birthday Cutiepie

It feels like yesterday when our little one was born. I can't believe we are already celebrating his birthday. It's been such a pl...

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5:53 AM

A whimsical dining room A whimsical dining room

I would kill for a wall covering like this for the entrance of my home. Not too busy so your eyes have space to rest but with enough person...

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4:52 AM

Some suggestions for the AIA on saving the profession of Architecture Some suggestions for the AIA on saving the profession of Architecture

In 1857, 13 Architects got together and founded what is now known as the American Institute of Architects, or the AIA . The group had two ma...

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11:45 AM

My most recent project My most recent project

I wanted to share with you a few images of my most recent project. I finished it last week and had it professionally photographed by Robert ...

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5:03 AM