Fashionable interiors Fashionable interiors

Our next issue, which we've just sent to press, is our annual focus on the connections between fashion and home design. One of the thing...

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7:18 PM

Chic Rainy Day Chic Rainy Day

Rain and chic are two words that are not usually found in the same sentence unless one dares to wear a pencil skirt and high heels to go out...

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5:58 AM

As of Yesterday As of Yesterday

Yesterday I had the pleasure to be a part of " What's New/What's Next " and had a great time. I was kindly invited by Ell...

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6:23 PM

Carry it on Carry it on

The boots are lined up, the cape is neatly folded awaiting on the couch and the purse ready to be picked up on the way out. Have a boots-o...

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4:37 AM

World Architecture Festival World Architecture Festival

Exciting news - two homes that have previously featured in our pages have been shortlisted for awards at the World Architecture Festival, to...

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3:54 PM

Fall inspired interiors Fall inspired interiors

  I refuse to make my home look like a pumpkin station in order to make it look more appropriate looking for Autumn. I love how the interio...

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6:21 PM

What's new what's next What's new what's next

New York Design Center located at 200 Lexington Avenue, is celebrating a day of discovery. On September 22nd from 3-9pm leading designers a...

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6:15 AM

David Mitchell & Julie Stout's studio David Mitchell & Julie Stout's studio

As promised earlier (and our apologies for this being a promise we've been slow to deliver on), here are some extra shots of David Mitch...

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7:24 PM

Daniel Marshall's other Waiheke house Daniel Marshall's other Waiheke house

Many of you who have the Home of the Year issue will already know this, but architect Daniel Marshall has two homes among this year's Ho...

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7:06 PM

A perfect Fall Interior A perfect Fall Interior

I covet summer and although this past Saturday was a gorgeous day in the city; today Sunday, is a complete different story. It's looking...

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9:58 AM

Warren & Mahoney on Nine to Noon Warren & Mahoney on Nine to Noon

"In my 80th year, I've got a big project". There's something quite marvellous about the optimism of architect Sir Miles Wa...

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2:30 PM