I'm especially exited today because after four long living-with-rental-furniture-months we are finally getting our stuff tomorrow.  It's play time! I have a pretty clear idea of where things are going to go, but boy can't that change? One thing that I'm certain though is the gallery walls I want to create around the house.  I'm a big fan of picture cluster walls and I've realized that when there is a lot of different ways to create them and/or to display them, each produces a different background.  From a complete harmonious and balanced display, to careless and Bohemian one to a more eclectic grouping.  Each and everyone translates the personal lifestyle of their owners, as it should be.
For creating a harmonious and balanced gallery wall is good to keep things simple and hang each picture at a same distance vertically and horizontally speaking.  One thing to keep in mind is to keep all frames and matting in the same color. 
I posted this kitchen designed by Pablo Paniagua (above) more than three months ago.  The entire house is worth to see but I love the art in this kitchen
This photographs hanging from a metal cord is a great idea to keep your walls undamaged.
For a more careless bohemian look, using old frames and not being a perfectionist freak (aka every picture perfectly straight) would do. 
And last but not least is the Eclectic gallery wall.  While using different frames and probably matting as well, it's always a good idea to keep a somewhat similar distance between them as well.  Enjoy! 
images from AD, House Beautiful, Elle Decor and Babble