One of our favourite shots from our April/May issue is a Patrick Reynolds classic: a beautiful cedar-screened home on the shores of Lake Taupo by Richard Goldie of Peddle Thorp Architects.

The home presents an impassive face to the neighbouring subdivision - this is the southerly elevation we're showing here, after all - but is surprisingly porous inside, with a generous front porch facing the lake and a sunny courtyard in the centre. Goldie says the exterior cedar screen was inspired by the verticality of the vegetation in the area - there are lots of flaxes and grasses - as well as the orange shades of some local lichen. This shot of the home looking vaguely impenetrable also seems an appropriate response to what Goldie calls the "extraordinary brooding quality" of the lake.

Here's a shot looking back from the lake towards the home's front porch. All the screens are moveable, but Goldie says the idea is that they force people to sit down and relax to contemplate the view.