Celine Deni Wedge pumps.  Mu favorite shoes now.
Do you remember which shoes that friend was wearing when you crossed paths on the street yesterday? No...? how about the last person you had a conversation with yesterday, besides your partner?  No, to that either...?  Well that's what happens most of the time, unless you work for a magazine and people track what shoes you wear.  I'm not, by any means, complaining.  The last thing we need is for shoes to take over the attention from our cellphones.  "Oh, I don't have time to look at your eyes while you are talking, your shoes are so distractingly amazing and so entertaining I can't stop looking at them."  No, no, that cannot happen!  Case in point!  If we rarely remember the shoes people wear why are women, me included, so bewitched by them? That's the million dollar question and I’m afraid it would take a full table of psychologies to figure it out.   I like to think that the fashion world is like a big complex meal and shoes and bags are the salt and pepper that enhance it or kill it.  Do we really need salt and pepper in our foods?  Probably not but, it's inarguable that they do make our meals so much more delightful and irresistible.  Enjoy!
 Miu Miu awesome shoes on the left
 Balenciaga on the left
 Geovanna Battaglia

Charlotte Olympia