Valentine's day is meant to be the day for all about love.  I can however attest that it could as well and dangerously be the day when you can get sick as a dog by simply dining out at supposedly famous, expensive and overly crowded restaurants.  No need to point out any fingers here, let's just say that February 14 can be a hazardous day for many digestive systems.  Not to mention how commercialized it has become, that's why I think it's important to fall off the wagon and not follow the crowd when it comes to the way we show love on this day.  Ditch the predictable restaurant dinner and try one of these five and unique ideas.  
1- Rent a Scooter.  
No one said Valentine's day need to be limited to the night.  Why not rent a scooter and ride around the City with your loved one.  Be spontaneous and try out new cafes and restaurants.  Another reason to do it during the day, restaurants are probably all packed that special night.
2- Have a picnic indoor by the fireplace.
Prepare a succulent and slow meal for the two of you.  Take a whole day or even a few days to prepare the meal slowly.  If you work too hard or are plain too lazy, do take-out at his favorite restaurant.  Having a picnic in your home doesn't mean you can forget about dressing up.  Open the champagne, and reminisce on how you two met.
3- Bring Valentine to those who don't have it.
According to scientific research the most profound and sincere feelings of happiness come from doing things for the sake of others rather than for ourselves.  Bring balloons to hospitalized children, read books to them and grant them an afternoon that will make them happy.
4- Make a list of 10 things you like about each other and make it into a card.  There is no better way to tell someone how much you love him/her than putting it on paper and make it memorable.  Now that everything is said via emails and social media a handwritten valentine card is truly unique.
5- Go to a poetry slam or stand-up comedy.  
Couple who laugh together stay together.  Or so it's better to think.