And by Karl Lagerfeld I mean Etienne Russo, who is the genius set designer behind many Fashion House shows, among his many clients are Celine, Lanvin, Dries Van Noten and many other favorites.  And you may be laughing at me, and with me, at this question but, my otherworldly dream comes from a post I wrote back in August where as a joke I doubted that women whose closets are full with Chanel bags and clothes will most likely not be seen in the aisles of our local Super Market.  Boy was I wrong when six months later Karl Lagerfeld and Etienne Russo turned the Grand Palace into a mega supermarket for Chanel FW 2014 Paris Fashion Show.  Karl's audacity did not only appear on the design set where every product on display was labeled as a Chanel product but also on the clothes.  Karl keeps on modernising Chanel and putting the speed on the wheels every season.  This time he presented a collection of ragged leggings, metallic jeans paired with sneakers and sporty flat boots.  There were also cropped jackets, of course quilted.  Apparently after the show all the food on display was going to be distributed to the homeless.  A fabulous cause.  Enjoy!

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