In Spain you have the best food and the most friendly people ever.  You don't get on or off an elevator without hearing "hasta luego" a few times.  In Paris you have the magic and the romance of the architecture and sometimes have to take the beauty along with its snobby people, yes that's right.  But in Italy, oh Italy! you have "I bambini" running around and playing freely and happy, you have the good coffee by the stunning beaches, you have the sun, the perfect sun, the one that can result in the best tan.  You see the grandma, the grandpa and the whole family together sunbathing by rocky beaches.  Italy is happiness and family union.  And lately I have come to the realisation that either Italians have descendants all over the world, that jointly go back for vacation every summer or everybody secretly prefers Italy among the rest.  I'm saying this because everybody, but me, on Instagram is either going, is already there or has been recently to Italy's beautiful beach coast.  If you don't believe me, just pay a visit to your instagram feed and for sure you'll see one of two people posting beautiful photos from Italy.  Enjoy!

2 top pictures Capri by @kyklamasha

Lipari by @garypeppergirl

Ravello by @refinery29

Sicili by @alexxx_bcn

Nina Garcia


Bolsena by Natalia Joos

Amalfi Coast by @rachelbesser

Trulli @pierominardi

Venezia by @goldandmint

Serrano by @songofstyle

Capri, Dolce and Gabbana

Florence by @whowhatwear

Capri by Karmen_pedaru