I'm so eager to have sunshine and hot weather full time. I can't wait for summer to be here! It's easy to bring that perfect Summer season into our homes. By doing small affordable changes in our decor we can make it more harmonious with the season.
eams wire chair
Like covering your chair pillows in a soft color as in these Bertoia chairs on top left. Or maybe by just putting a beautiful bouquet of flowers in your dinning room.
kitchen decor idea
Displaying colorful fruits or putting colorful clothes in this beautiful kitchen makes the decor so much fresher and livelier. Don't you think?
home office
Or how about covering your chair in a flowery fabric for your home office?
barclay fryery
Switching your regular bed sheets for fun and colorful ones. As seen in this gorgeous perfectly springy room by Barclay Fryery.
the rug company
In this room by the Rug Company we can see many different ways to set the mood for the season. Such as a graphic rug, a bold colored upholstery sofa and a colorful lamp shade.
window shutters interior
And for those of you who can afford a bed like this. Please do so. It's one of the most beautiful beds. Ever. And if you live on an island or a warm weather city, get some shutters like these ones too, please.
pink decor
Everything in this room says Summer. The colors, the sheer curtains, the rattan furniture and the use of indoor plants.