Jamie Drake interiors
Because beige is too easy and because a tremendous amount of character and sense of style is needed to accomplish some of his fantastic interiors, Jamie Drake is my number 5 innovator. "Where some see disparity, Drake sees semblance in line, pattern, spirit, or concept." Interior Design. His interiors are full of colors, the more the merrier, coziness and texture. The use of modern furniture mixed with fantastic antiques and his greatest statement "color", make his interiors astonishingly transitional.
Jamie Drake design
"What's really important to my work is injecting a sense of personality. I call it personality-plus design." says Drake. Two main ingredients for success. His unique style is what have granted him important clients such as Mayor Bloomberg and Madonna. Drake keeps his interiors harmonious by using one to two colors in different shades and adding accents of contrasting colors. In the above room for instance, he used light green on the walls, striped curtains in a darker green, a tick striped green tablecloth with some blue in it to bring out the blue in the colorful art wall. Then he used the white chairs to make a statement and to probably brake with green and bring out some white from the art wall and chandelier shades. The ebony leather upholstery on the chairs keeps the attention on the gorgeous tablecloth fabric and art wall. We can see the same technique used in the blue room below. This time with two main colors, different patterns of blue and green were used to make the room fresher and more modern. The Turkish-inspired copper table is a very unexpected touch in a room covered with a very tropical sea grass wallpaper.
Jamie Drake associates
So many times have I heard how unappealing a purple sofa would be. That is probably before they see this room by Jamie Drake where purple is the canvas and the colors of the pigments used as well.
Jamie Drake
Not only for his marvelous interiors is Drake worthy of admiration but also for his great heart. "Volunteer work is something I'm truly committed to."