As I promised yesterday I'm posting three fabulous looks of how to convert a corner into something pretty and functional for very little money. All you'll need is a folding table, a tablecloth which you can make out of anything from curtains to bed sheets and a few accessories.
A Tropical bar...

I wanted to create a tropical bar, so in order to do that I thought of all the elements with tropical influences; for instance rattan, cane hats, cigar boxes, orchids, leafs, etc. The same can be applied to create any atmosphere into a room or vignette. I framed a piece of fabric I got at Brunschwig & Fils sale using an Ikea frame for an impact effect; used some cigar boxes we kept from our wedding, a cane lamp, my own hats, silver little trays for contrasting against the woods and pink orchids to bring out the pink on the fabric and on the Monte Carlo casino cards (these ones were used in Monte Carlo by the way.) It's fun to see their black marks, it's a great topic of conversation and makes everything more real and interesting.
A Global Chic Collector's Table

For displaying a personal collection. I agree with everyone who believes that collections look better when grouped together. In this case I used our vintage shelves that are handed down to us by my lovely in-laws. To add to the traveler collector setting I used the Vitruvian Man by Leonardo Da Vinci as the art piece, on sale for only $15 here. Dried plants, yes, I think they look perfect on this table, books, Chinese broaches, Chinese porcelain and a parsley tablecloth add the perfect touch to the soul of this Global Chic collector's table.
A Home Office...

For the home desk I selected white and blue as the color scheme, but in a more fresh and modern way. The tablecloth is actually a curtain but I loved the detail of the faded polka dots so much that I thought it would add a fun effect. For wall art I hanged our Dali lithograph as the focal point and sided with two very inexpensive silhouettes I got from KZukowski and finished it up with two bronze plates I got at my local vintage store. The use of bronze on the walls and on the table act as an invisible string that pulls it all together. I love to use every surface for inspiration hence the lampshade and the flower base used as inspirational boards, something I have done before.