A beautiful view of The Siegestor in Munich
The reason for my long and total absence conjures one full sentence "I've been biking in Munich." Literally. I've been biking up and down for days of sightseeing, eating, shopping, and mostly going into quite secluded neighborhoods and into small and "only-locals-know-about" shops. Because that's what I prefer to do when I travel. I like to act and do everything like a local. I first walked around and sensed the environment. It didn't take me long to realize that Germans have everything figured out when it comes to sustainable living.   Munich has more bikes on bike-paths taking you everywhere in the city, than cars driving on the streets. God, New Yorkers would be happy to have at least half of those bike-paths.

I have to say that what I loved the most about Munich was going around Schwabing's quite neighborhoods while appreciating the gorgeous Art Nouveau architecture. Due to the City's strict laws for building skyscrapers (height limitations) it's easy to enjoy the beauty of Munich's Neoclassical and Gothic main buildings without any view interruption.

The wires hanging on this street belong to the tram system.
The Ludwigskirche Church with colorful tiles added on later to the Neo-Romanesque architecture.


 Notice the adorable tree house.

There was an ongoing baby-size chess match going on every day at this corner. A different take from the domino games played in tropical islands. Don't they look cute?

How cool is this organic wall? A view from a Brazilian restaurant/pizzeria, one of the places I went Pizza hopping or I should say Pizza tasting, on my last night. Yes, pizza hopping and one of the restaurants was a Brazilian Pizzeria? Go figure. Who goes pizza hopping in Munich as if you were in Naples? But I guess that after so many days of going around, there is nothing else left to see and get to a point when all the new, the excitement and the beauty of a foreign country is simply not home. Therefore for me the best part of of traveling keeps being the same, "coming back home". The joy in my son's laugh when he saw his Mommy, whom he had been separated from for the first time, was the best part of my trip. There is no wonder in a foreign country that can match that.
I hope you are enjoying your summer as well.