Many of you who have the Home of the Year issue will already know this, but architect Daniel Marshall has two homes among this year's Home of the Year finalists, both of them on Waiheke Island. We featured one of the homes, at the eastern end of the island, in an earlier post. Let's now take a walk around the outside of the other one, on the island's northern slopes.

As you can see, the vista isn't at all bad. Daniel's response to it combines openness and solidity, with the house anchored firmly to the ground on one side and appearing to float over the Hauraki Gulf on the other. (These photographs are all by Patrick Reynolds). Both the following views from behind the house show the more closed-off, southerly elevation.

As we get closer to the house from the south, you can get a clearer idea of how it is hunkered in beside a small hill to the west.

The view below is from the east, which also shows how the house is protected a little by the hill on its westerly side.
Here, also looking from the east, you can see the strong south-facing wall that imparts a sense of solidity to the home's otherwise glassy interior. At the left of this image, you can see the stone wall that splays out across the driveway, directly visitors up stairs to the house (the garage is buried under the side of the house you can see in this image).
In our next post, we'll take you for a wander around the interior, as well as the courtyards Daniel designed to provide sheltered outdoor seating options on windy days.