Apart from being transfixed by the UK phone hacking scandal this week, we were also interested to see Nicolai Ouroussoff's New York Times review of architect Rem Koolhaas' CCTV building in Beijing, now that the structure has finally opened. Ouroussoff is widely acknowledged as a fan of Koolhaas' work, and his provocative review and the ensuing discussion on the comments thread on the Times site is well worth a read. Here's an image by Philippe Ruault from the Times of the building, showing the garden beneath it:

You can read Ouroussoff's piece here. And you can see other photographs of the building from HOME's Beijing visit in an earlier post here.

Sorry about the relative quiet on the blog this week - we're hurtling towards next week's deadline of sending the Home of the Year issue to print.

The Home of the Year issue will be on sale August 4. An exciting extra this year is that we are creating online short films of each of the 10 homes shortlisted for the award, which you'll be able to view here on the site from August 4 onwards.