Every magazine shoot yields far more images than we can ever fit in our pages - so we like to take the opportunity to show you a few of our favourite outtakes here on the blog. This time, it's our Home of the Year 2012 by Herbst Architects, that marvellous structure amid a pohutukawa grove at Piha. The photographs are by Patrick Reynolds - and once again, a big thank you to our Home of the Year partners Altherm Window Systems for their support of the award. Thanks also to our intern, Jett Nichol, who's here for a week from Napier learning a bit about the magazine trade (as well as compiling these albums).

The image below shows the steps from the house out to the back deck, which catches the morning sun in summer. This opening also establishes a strong diagonal connection across the living space, as well as allowing cooling cross-breezes in summer.

In each bedroom, the walls have been lined in poplar ply, its light colour establishing a calm mood. This shot shows the main bedroom, which is entered via a mezzanine walkway above the living space.

The branch-like roof struts reinforce the relationship between the man-made structure and its natural surroundings, blurring the boundaries between the building and the tree canopy.

Inside, the tall timber wall (its cedar patterns mimicking the pattern of the bark outside) makes the living area undeniably cosy, despite the openness of space.

This view of the home shows the boardwalk drive platform leading to the carefully concealed single garage (which is under the main bedroom). The house was designed on piles positioned to avoid the pohutukawa roots on the site.