In many parts of the world it is already 2014, meanwhile here 2013 is still wrapping up.  While that happens it's hard to bypass reflecting on what's been this year for us.  In my case it's been full of ups and downs, hopes and disappointments, falls and rises luckily with probably more of the latter one.  But we all know that completion and accomplishment are never awarded.  It's all part of that flurry road that opens up into success and realization.  2013 brought me the beginning of Tyche, my jewelry line.  Something that a few years ago was only a foggy wish.  From a "what if" went to a "why not"? and I couldn't be happier and more hopeful.  May 2014 unwrap in front of us full of opportunities and excitement!  Happy New Year dear readers and friends.

xoxo  J

photo my me