More on the Resene Architecture and Design Film Festival. This time, HOME senior designer and stylist Kendyl Middelbeek reveals her picks from the festival programme.


"I'm constantly caught between being a maximalist and hating clutter, so watching people fold their lives into the petite homes in TINY: A Story About Living Small (trailer above) promises to be fascinating. It seems particularly poignant at the moment, give our recent HOME of the Year winner is so diminutive!

"My favourite episodes of Mad Men are when Don Draper spends a debauched weekend in Palm Springs - I re-watched the episode twice just to screenshot all the home and interiors. It’s the closest I’ve gotten to visiting the place, so the film Desert Utopia: Midcentury Architecture in Palm Springs (trailer above) is going to nicely stoke my obsesson. 

"The Oil Rocks – City Above the Sea
 is kind of a wild card for me, but I’m fascinated by the Soviet era, and by anything built on the constantly moving surface of the ocean (like the small cities constructed inside jet fighter carriers), so I've put this film (trailer above) on my list too."