The latest Architecture New Zealand magazine contains an editorial and subsequent story by editor John Walsh on Auckland's plans (or surfeit of them) for Queen's Wharf. I live not far from the red gates of the wharf that inhibit public access to one of the city's best spaces - and now live in fear of the "development" of the wharf quickly turning into another classic Auckland planning fiasco. As John points out in his editorial, the rush to turn the wharf into party central before the World Cup kicks off could very easily lead to the kind of rushed and foolish planning decisions the city will regret for generations afterwards.

So, plenty to discuss. Which, to their credit, Auckland Regional Holdings (the wharf's new owners) are doing, at least with the visit later this month of Rita Justesen, chief planner for Copenhagen City & Port Development. Justesen will be taking part in a talk on Monday 17 August. Given that every city down on its planning luck seems to be looking to Copenhagen for inspiration these days, it could be well worth attending. Here are the details:

VIP Room, Viaduct Harbour Marine Village, 135 Halsey Street.
Monday 17 August, 5.00pm-7.30pm
Hosted by Auckland Regional Holdings and Sea+City Projects Limited

The seminar will feature three speakers:
- Matthew Comer, Auckland Regional HoldingsPresentation: Auckland’s Waterfront: Transition from Harbour Board to a place for peopleWaterfronts of the world and the drivers for successful renewal programmes
- John Dalzell, CE and Project Director of Sea+City Projects LimitedPresentation: Place shaping in the Sea+City Project and key work streams

Auckland Regional Holdings and Sea+City Projects Limited are pleased to introduce our international guest speaker:
- Rita Justesen, Head of City Planning, Copenhagen CPH City and Port company, DenmarkPresentation: Place Shaping & City BuildingUse of design competitions to drive change in design of public space and buildingsPrivate sector investment and how quality design solutions were achieved.
RSVP to or phone (09) 303 9466 and place a diary note in your calendar for Monday 17 August, 5.00pm-7.30pm.