I am a big fan of scenic wallpaper but when it comes to choosing a favorite between geometric or scenic wallpaper, I can't. While a scenic wallpaper evokes the elegance and aristocracy that no other wallpaper offers, geometric wallpaper can give more freedom when it comes to decorating because, in my opinion, they work more as a uniform background. I love all of these images below and how young and versatile they look

Does anyone know who makes this wallpaper? I've seen it used a couple of times but none of the images credit the source. It's not Kelly Wearstler's trellis, in case you think otherwise. This is more rounded, while Kelly's trellis are bigger and it changes vertically from round to rectangular shape.

Quadrille's Ziggurat reverse.

Zebra-printed paper by Rose Cummings.

Trellis Background used by Tom Scheerer available at Quadrille.

I'm loving these geometric wallpapers below.

Neisha Crosland Zebra wallpaper.