“The interior designer is an actor, he must dress up and change roles, understand new identities and integrate them with his own. says Violan.” There is not much that can be said to match up that statement except to look at his work and delight on how spectacular Lazaro Rosa Violan
reflects his clients lifestyle in a unique sense of style that is timeless and luxurious yet warm. I first came across Lazaro Rosa Violan's work via Nevo Estilo and instantly loved the mixture of vintage furniture with modern art and touches of ethnic pieces. "Together, we aim to create rich and beautiful interiors that, although meticulously contrived, carry an air of ‘lived-in’ spontaneity" he says and I couldn't agree more.

I absolutely love his studio/home and how meticulously it’s put together, notice how the white is the background without losing Protagonism and how the browns and gold of the antique Chinese screen pick up the countertop and hardware. Violan's studio used to be a cotton factory before.

Lazaro has an impressive portfolio including Hotels and Restaurants worldwide. Below, images of one his developing projects. Hotel Pulitzer, Barcelona.


images via Lazaro Rosa Violan and Nuevo Estilo.