Ada Kokosar in a Stella McCartney dress and Kira Lillie necklace
You could say I have an ada-diction for Ada Kokosar's personal style.  She is a stylist and a fashion consultant whose style renders me feeling ashamed of my still-in-progress-style.  Her style is everything I want to have, minimalist, modern, sophisticated with the right amount of masculinity that sets her apart and above many other fashionistas.  Reading more about her in the Telegraph I found out we like the same designers and for the same similar reasons.  This only makes me admire her more.  Enjoy!
From Telegraph, interview by Ellie Pithers
Who are your favourite designers?
Nicolas Ghesquière for his talent for looking forward and making the most sophisticated, modern look; I love his structural shapes, sleek overcoats and statement shoes. Riccardo Tisci for his vision - I've known him since he started and he has achieved so much. His woman has a very unique, strong personality and a mysterious allure. Phoebe Philo for her effortless, relaxed modernity. Marc Jacobs because I really appreciate his styling talent. Raf Simons for his search for detail…read more.
 Love the detail of the pockets in her skirt
Unexpected color combinaton.
Adore those booties.
 That skirt
 Another unexpected color combination.
 Masculine shoes and an Hermes belt.
 Too much clothes for you so far?  Don't worry she also does sexy but just on the little side.