Have you noticed how it's always the least attractive ones who make fun of others appearances, the least smart ones who call others stupid?  Have you seen how smart, pretty, positive people are always preoccupied with being happy and never waste time with negative and annoying behavior like bullying?  People who make fun of others do it thinking that this act would make them look and feel superior; would get them closer to the exclusive.  What they don't know is that actually while they make fun of others, they are underlying and bolding their own flaws. ***
Someone posted a picture in Instagram of two women walking in the streets of Cannes with this comment.  "This is Cannes We call these typical douth of France women in french "les cagoles"! I'm sorry but I don't think you are funny.  Have a very bullying-free weekend!
 Julie Pierce via Rue Magazine.
 Love this home via Architectural Digest
Vogue Brazil Style director Donata Meirelles's home designed by Sig Bergamin
 Perfect, perfect outfit.  I would change the shoes though.
 Alberto Pinto home in Brazil
 Elena Perminova
Lindsay Carol