The team behind Plattdana Architects, a New York City-based architectural firm is about to change your mind!  That is if you think that modern design is not capable of being classic and cozy at the same time.  Hope Dana and Kate Platt are the principal architects of the firm and their main goal is to achieve homes with a classic and modern mix.  This duplex located in the Flat Iron neighborhood of New York City was remodeled and designed by Plattdana Architects, where everything from the herringbone floors to the seagrass wallpaper covering the walls in the library are only a few of their brilliant touches to accomplish a cozy and warm modern home.  Enjoy!
Gorgeous herringbone floors are found throughout the common areas.
Spacious and bright hallway
The library feels cozy and warm and I want a fireplace like that one.
I think painting the baseboard and molding in a darker color is brilliant and so is the color red contrasting gray.
I can easily make a party in this kitchen with that amazing glass ceiling.  What would it be to be here when it snows?  I guess a dream. 
Hi you there stripped marbled bathroom, you gorgeous and clean thing.
images from Plattdana Architects