Celine Fall Ready to wear 2013
Proportion is everything with this fall's fashion center piece; The-just-below-the-knee-skirt.  Not to reach the mid lower leg and not to show your knee caps either.  Don't you confuse it with pencil skirt, the very uncomfortable tight version that if you trip while wearing them, good luck balancing up.  Fall 2013 is the season for the comfort-conscious women with a repertoire of fantastic unstructured pieces made of wool, cashmere and pony hair available to cozy us all up.  And the best part is that all these blessings happen during the daylight, yes, there is no need to become a night owl to wear the pretty clothes now, thank God!  It was just about time, wasn't it?  I'm especially thrilled about this since it's been years that all I'm interested in when it comes to going out is to go for a brunch and a stroll!
I love the pairing of the ankle boots but for the days I would probably prefer to wear this elegant and feminine skirt with slip-ons or oxfords, just to tone it down a bit.  Regardless of the way you would like to style it, this splendid skirt perhaps will seal the return of a more feminine fashion.  The kind of femininity that is sophisticated; feminine but not frou frou.  Enjoy! 
Celine Fall 2013
Jill Sander Fall 2013
Prada Fall 2013.  Not a big fan of the hair, but honestly who needs hair when wearing these clothes?
Prada Fall 2013
Lanvin Fall 2013