Architect Jack McKinney's Auckland villa renovation featured in our June/July 2012 issue, and remains one of our favourites. In some ways, it was a classic bang-out-the-back scenario - albeit with a much more sophisticated approach. These photographs are by Patrick Reynolds. In this shot, you can see how Jack's addition preserves the line of the hallway, which runs clean through to the back yard.

After travelling past bedrooms and bathrooms, visitors to the home enter the addition, and an expansive, contemporary open-plan living, dining and kitchen space (below). The twin peaks of the additions roof stretch northwards, flooding the space with light throughout the day while maintaining privacy from the neighbouring houses. The 'Van Dyck' dining table is by Rodolfo Dordoni for Minotti from ECC, and the 'Flo' dining chairs are by Patricia Urquiola for Driade from Indice. The orange 'Strips' sofa is by Cini Boeri for Arflex.

McKinney's stainless steel kitchen exudes simplicity. Suspended above the bench is a copper pendant light (below) made by Jack from waxed copper plate.

The view below shows the home's peaked roofline and dramatic windows. The sun moves through the space like a sundial throughout the day.

Out the back of the house is the studio (below), which was originally an old garage. Its peaked roof echoes that of the home's extension.

When it came to furnishing the studio interior (below), Jack made a refreshing decision: "I like leaving it empty," he says. He also kept the concrete floor of the original garage.

This view (below) looks from the studio back to the main house.