I know what you're thinking: that the party season is over therefore this post about beautiful home bars is now useless and unnecessary.  I have to respectfully disagree: now is when many people with unreasonably-set resolutions will need a bar in their homes.  I'm referring to those that soon after the second month start conceiving the idea that it may be impossible to lose 20 pounds in three months.  There are different types of home bars.  The bar cart is still in its heydays, mostly in small cities where space is scarce and it's important to be able to move things around whenever possible.  Cabinet bars is my favorite option, they provide the choice of encasing everything when not being used.  For grown-ups a.k.a., really serious entertainers and hosts there is the option of wet bars with sinks and everything.         

Mary McDonald

Atlanta Homes

House Beautiful

I will do whatever it takes to end up with a outdoor space like this one at the end of my life.  via House Beautiful

No judgment!  Whatever happens behind your bathroom doors is entirely up to you.

A pretty composition.  via Lonny

A very well used space.

This is a manly home bar.