Women think of beautiful hair with the same passion as men think of expensive sport cars.  Luckily with all the great and affordable hair products out there women have a far better chance of scratching the itch than men.  By beautiful hair I mean healthy, shiny, bouncy and manageable hair.  No, we are not vain guys, it's that with healthy hair you can basically do anything you want with it.  Cool and pretty things like messy and casual ponytails for example.  There are many styles out there, sleek ponytail, low, teased crown, high ponytail, you name it.  Ideally this hair style works better on layered haircuts.  The first step for a messy pony tail look is to forget about perfection.  Use a fine comb to ruffle up the roots on the top of your head and apply light hairspray,  slowly pull them back with your fingertips leaving some loose to frame your face and hold them with an elastic band.  Hair scrunchies are not allowed!  Finish it up with light hairspray to keep the bouncing from flatting out.