I love wallpapers, preferably geometric ones, because they seem to not get old (in my eyes).  Cow Parsley by Cole and Son though has been in my "wanted list" for a while now and having seen it here and there and still love it the same, I know I won't get tired of it.  It's not-too-precise-design perhaps has something to do with it.  It allows my eyes to travel and rest while looking at it.  It comes in twelve different color combinations but my favorite is the black and white.  I think this wallpaper would be amazing in a lobby.  Enjoy!
This wallpaper seems to pretty up everything around it because look at that bedroom set? It's not too pretty if you ask me.  No offence anyone!
 I think that not all Kitchen cabinets are meant to be opened.
 There, you see? Design by Kelly Deck