As much as we hate when men on the streets go fooii..fooiiio... or complement on our looks, let's face it, once we are past our thirties and we start to see that rarely happening then we start wondering... uhm!  Everybody wants to look their best and every woman wants to look younger than their age.  I started using anti aging serum about a year ago and I've used many different ones from Oil of Olay to the ridiculously expensive ones like Skinmedica anti aging serum.  Even though I have a pretty nice skin I have combination skin which means that I've been dealing with blackheads and enlarged pores, mostly on my nose for most of my adult life and if your skin is like mine and you use serum plus anti aging night cream then you know that it'll only get worse!  I have found a very simple and common sense solution to cure this problem for once and for all while at the same time I use my creams more smartly.   I simply don't use cream on my nose, not at nights not during the day (listen, your nose will not get wrinkly anyway).  The only product I use on my entire face is sunblock.  I've been implementing this for the past six months and my skin is as clean as a baby's.  I've noticed that my creams last longer now since I end up using less.  I also put my night creams on early, if I'm not going out at night, so they'll work for a longer time. 

For night I use.
Givenchy VAX'IN serum and it's not bad, but I'm really looking forward to start using Vichy LiftActiv Serum 10 of which I've heard wonders.
On top I use Shiseido Bio-Performance super restoring cream for the night.  It's a bit more oily than I like.  I prefer SkinMedica Dermal Repair Cream which is smoother and the skin absorbs it much more quickly.
I have an obsession with my eye area.  I think that's where age shows the most.  My eye area is hyper sensitive so I wasn't able to use retinol products until I tried RoC Retinol correction SENSITIVE eye cream and it's the one that I like the most so far. 
I use Kiehl's Midnight recovery concentrate for my neck and decollate.  I also use it on my hands before bed and I love how soft and better my hands look.  

For the day.
I apply a bit of Givenchy VAX'IN serum only where I really need it.  (forehead and eye area)
SkinMedica Redness Relief CalmPlex.
And Shiseido Sun Protection Lotion 50+ face and body.  I love the liquid consistency of this.