Since I posted that beautiful family room with studded paneling walls yesterday I realized that even though not everybody is keen to be bold and panel their walls with pyramids, many still like to add small touches of it to their lives.  Studded fashion is far from ending, you know!  Fendi Spring 2013 collection let that known very clear.  We'll be seeing more of it in the coming year.  If you are willing to get on the wagon, here is a list for you.  enjoy!  Valentino Flap bag, stud hip, Iphone case, pyramid statement necklace, Valentino pyramid sunglasses, pyramid leather cuffRockstud leather gloves, Fendi Spring 2013 shoe collection
Above, Fendi Spring 2013 shoe collection.  I'm so waiting for these babies to go on sale like an Apple fan waiting for the next new gadget. Yes, I want my feet to look like a Crocodile with scales.