Above, Jean Louis Denoit's hallway featuring a modern photograph and a brass bench.
Hallways are sadly and commonly overooked.  People walk by without even realizing that this long and sometimes narrow space is a branch of their homes therefore it's part of what encompasses your mood, daily.  Obviously not all hallways are like these ones featured here which have floor to ceiling windows or glass exit door with natural light exposure.  As dark as the hallways may be, the most important thing to tackle is lighting and in this particular area of the house overhead lighting illuminates better.  Simple steps such as painting the walls in an interesting color or maybe even stripes, hanging art or mirrors on the walls, put an area rug ( just remember to apply double sided tape underneath for security) can make a big difference to a space we use so often.  Enjoy!
Another view of Jean Louis Denoit hallway where on top of the credenza is a Herv√© Van der Straeten mirror. 
One of my favorite homes of all time, the house of Marie Chantal Miller.  I posted about it a while ago here.
Reed Krakoff gorgeous and eclectic home.  Love it!
A rustic chic hallway with lined-up antlers high enough so they don't hurt anyone.  Love the contrast of wood tone and white and the architectural details of the exposed columns.
Not sure what the french sconce is doing on the floor, but let's ignore that detail and focus on the beautiful built-in bookcases with movable ladder and swing arm brass sconces.  Let's also take a look at the brilliant antique map which happens to be covered with glass and reflects the beauty in front.  Oh, hello Herringbone floors!
A bit dramatic and uber glamy is this hallway by Todd Alexander Romano.  Blue lacquered walls with a lot of white background art on the walls. 
The simplicity of this black and white hallway is amazing because it has at the same time so much architectural strength.  I love!

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